Theatre play Nora Gregor – the Hidden Continent of Memory by Neda R. Bric was finally launched – and with success!! After five months of hard work (my part: planning, shooting, editing and setting up the final video onto the stage) the play got its own life after two premieres: in SNG Nova Gorica on 25th September and in Mladinsko theatre in Ljubljana on 2nd October 2014. The premieres in Graz and Trieste are planned in the second half of season 2014/15.

The play which is about an Austrian actress Nora Gregor who was born in Italian Gorizia in the begining of 20th Century, then played in Austrian and German top theatres, in films of Dreyer and Renoir, but had to leave Europe due to the WWII tells a parallel story of a young journalist who is researching Nora’s and his own roots. This contemporary story is told through a three-screen fiction film on stage and is interleaved with the staged story of Nora.

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