From 31st October to 21st November 2014 I am having an exhibition called Enakotežje (Finding Balance) in Maribor (Centralna postaja). It is a collaboration with my partner Dejan Štefančič and in the works presented we are trying to find balance in various environments and situations which we make parallel to an intimate relationship of a couple. The exhibition consists of three works in three different media: a video loop of finding a balance under water, a poster diptych of a photo of us balancing leaned against eachother cut into half for the gallery entrance and a kinetic sculpture made of wires of a couple holding eachother not to fall, but always do.

Project documentation PDF in Slovenian.
Video Enakotežje preview on Vimeo.
Video documentation of the kinetic sculpture Enakotežje on Vimeo.
More photo documentation of the exhibition.
Event publication in Slovenian.

IMG_1975_cor_pom IMG_1973_cor_pomIMG_1978_cor_crop_pomIMG_1996_cor_pomEnakotezje_videoStillIMG_1984_cor_crop_pom   IMG_1997_cor_pom IMG_1998_cor_pomIMG_1994_cor_crop_pom