This year I am participating in an international project about turistical sites in off-season. The project is called Stories from the Edge and it has been concieved by three artists from Austria that are in fact not Austrian: Nayari Castillo from Venezuela, Kate Howlett-Jones from UK and Marina Sartori from USA. The three artists are travelling on North Adriatic coast with a VW van, stopping in turistical towns in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. Their van will be open for eight days this year for talking about the life in these cities – this is where the nick name of the travelling van comes from: Osmizza (Italian) or Osmica (Slovenian) – a place serving homemade food which is open only eight days per year does not have to be a registered restaurant.

The project, curated by Francesca Lazzarini and Manuel Fanni Canelles, supported by galleries Spazio5 and MLZ Art Dep from Trieste, invited six artists to accompany the three travellers on their way. Each of the local artists did/will join in on the days when Osmizza was/will be opened in their country. I have been invited to join them in Portorož in May 2015.

The projects predicts two exhibitions in the end: one in Italy and one in Austria. The works exhibited will include outcomes of the travells by all the participating artists.

More about the project: http://storiesfromtheedge.org/