In the end of the year, I collaborated in a theatre play production about dementia called Where Was I (Kje sem ostala). The authors of the play were Nina Šorak and Urša Adamič. My role was to conceive and produce video for the play.


There are two projections in the play: one is a videographic which runs preproduced from beginning to the end of the show, the other is a live stream of the view of the main character Jula – mother with dementia. The view is being lively interrupted with surreal effects and memories as the desease progresses.


The project is co-financed by Ministry of Culture of Republic of Slovenia and with gathered donations on Kickstarter platform. It is a production of KUD Transformator and co-produced by Zavod BOB, Plesni Teater Ljubljana, Narodni dom Maribor, SNG Nova Gorica, Kazalište KNAP, Kulturno društvo Galerija GT.


About the project (SLO)

Simona Bandur: Jula je babica mnogih, ne le Ninina in Uršina. Delo: Panorama, 4. 11. 2015
Mojca Delač: Urša Adamič, Kje sem ostala? RadioPrvi, 4. 11. 2015
Neža Mlakar: Kje sem ostala? – predstava o demenci na platformi Kickstarter. Mladina: Kultura, 7. 11. 2015
Neža Mrevlje: Ko mama pozabi, kdo je njen sin, to boli. Siol.net, 10. 11. 2015

Photos in this post are by Aleksander Vujović and Janko Oven.